While video isn’t our main creative and artistic focus, we do have extensive experience in creating short videos for our clients and we take pride in providing a unique product. Take a look at some samples below, then fill out our video questionnaire and contact Persona if you’re interested in learning more.

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“Simply the Best”

This was created for MarketPad.com last year. Basically, a very simple message based on the premise that MarketPad offers consumers more than other classified sites. We tried to convey that both with the choice of simple text and also visually as you see the other competitors “drop away”.

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“Island of Forgotten Pets”

This was created for MarketPad.com. They wanted something that would convey their message about selling pets on the site (which many classifieds don’t allow), but they wanted it to be silly and memorable. We took a full length movie, “Wild Women of Wongo” and edited it down to it’s current length with new voicover and sound effects.

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“Supporting Our Wounded Soldiers”

Produced for DavesBillboard.com who was generously donating a percentage of every sale on it’s site to Soldiers’ Angels group to support our wounded veterans.

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video3So, what’s so great about video?

We us a listing video as part of our presentation when we meet with new clients. Not only do they like seeing their home showcased in that type of atmosphere, but they can go to youtube and see the hits add up. As the listing agents, we also know that more and more buyers of all types are coming to youtube for searches and the extensive use of keywords and tags help broaden the customer base.

Kirk and Mimi F.

Who supplies the visual and written content?

Unless prior arrangements are agreed upon, you, the client supply all the written content for your video project. You may also supply the visual content (images), but be aware that you must own all the images you intend to use. Upon agreement, Persona will supply copyrighted images for your video if asked to.

What formats are supported?

We will format your video as MP4, AVI or WMV, and your video will be high definition and suitable for both uploading to youtube and for burning to DVDs.

How long will it take to create?

Videos are time-consuming so depending on the length of video that you’d like may take from 2 weeks to a month to create. You will be given an estimate after we discuss the contents of the video.

Will you do live action video?

Due to the time it takes to create video work, at this time we are only doing videos such as the examples above.

Video Samples