Selling SEO

Selling SEO

The New “Snake Oil Salesmen”

Several times in my online career, both on my own sites and on sites I was working, I’ve had the opportunity to work with SEO guys. Now before I start mentioning the negatives let me say that Search Engine Optimization is not only a “real” thing, but a valuable tool in promoting your business. With that being said, you need to be very careful with who you hire to do your SEO work because not all marketing men and women are equal.

The variety of price quotes you’ll get in this field is not only alarming, but indicative of the inherent problem with this subject. There are just too many individuals out there preying on unsuspecting and inexperienced business owners who have no idea what it is they’re buying for that $2000 a month (and up) price tag. If you’re shaking your head either in disbelief or because you think I’m wrong, unfortunately I know for a fact there are companies out there who charge literally thousands to anyone who will pay to “work their SEO magic”.

As I prefaced this post, there are individuals worth the money they’re paid but it’s the other 80% that I’ referring to as the new Snake Oil Salesman. Knowing that to 99% of the public, not only is the subject of search engine optimization fairly boring, but it’s also a huge mystery as to what it actually is and how it can be used to a businesses’ advantage. I’m not going to get into “what” it is and the details since that’s not the point of this post, but suffice to say that it does exist, and it does work if implemented correctly and regularly.

Going back to personal experiences — what we got for our thousands and thousands spent was linkbacks . Thousands of dollars worth of linkbacks… and then even a few more linkbacks. Could they show us how this is benefiting us, or prove that they’re spending the time and energy warranted for their huge fee? Well, that’s when the snake oil salesman really hits his stride knocking off every word they’ve ever heard on any blog about search engines, knowing full well that most clients have no idea what they’re talking about, and definitely have no idea how much time and energy these seo guys put into their linkbacks.

What someone makes for a living and what people will pay is up to them — not my business, but now that I’m in the business side of SEO work providing it to my own clients, I’m floored by the fact that these people are out there charging whatever they can because they know people have no clue. In reality, does anyone think that the average marketing guy in your town selling SEO is actually providing benefits worth thousands of dollars a month? Not even close… if people only knew the truth.