What is different about Persona?

Aside from artistic vision, experience, and attention to detail.

At Persona, we see the website as a composition, and one that needs a cohesive bond that sets the tone for the whole site. Sometimes the hardest part of the design is the few days it takes to picture the site — colors, fonts, layouts — and how they will best represent and portray the persona of the company. Once the overall feel and look is decided, then comes the matching of the dream to the reality, adding functionality and checking and re-checking with attention to the finest details.

We believe we’re different because we come from a strong artistic background but with solid knowledge in coding, so we’re there through every step maintaining quality control and assuring that every website we design has a visually appealing look and feel, AND works across different browser and device platforms. Contact us today to talk with us about your next design project.

Attractive Designs

Nobody likes an ugly site less than we do, so our promise is to never, ever build one.

Contemporary Coding

Dead links or out of date coding that doesn’t operate across browsers. Won’t happen with us…

Secure Information

Every website we develop includes security features to keep your information safe 24/7.

Mobile Viewability

Our goal is to make every site work on every platform. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Get In Touch.

If you have questions or want to learn more about us and our company, don’t wait — do it now.

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